Season 2 Episode 2

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  • Wendy:

    This one is just awful. A very poor idea, to degrade a great concept that this series has, with such a low level of writing. Not interested in hearing it.

    • VeganKitti:

      not everyone will enjoy this particular humor, but I think balls are always funny

      • Wendy:

        Hi VeganKitti, I think we have not met. JSYK, Brent can handle both criticism and compliments, and he gets both from me. I have met Brent, and he knows who I am. My comments are my comments, and I make them as a longtime fan to give him honest feedback. It’s all good.

      • 42carma:

        I actually got a big kick out of it. It’s self deprecating, campy, and shows another side of these over-idolized Treksters. At times, I almost believed this was real, the dialogue delivery and emoting was that good. Then I remembered, if it was real, there wouldn’t be a camera. And I smiled, knowing that my beloved Brent Spiner and Levar Burton are just having a bit of fun – and not a bad sketch comedy at all! I loved the bit about Sir Patrick. OMG, the mere mention of his name – for quite some time, I said Captain Picard was the sexiest man on television.

  • Faye:

    So cooool! I loved the ball …thing^^
    Keep up the great work. Can´t wait.
    And …Brent Spiner maybe old.. but hot^^

  • byte_2702:

    I can only finally rate the videos if the transcript is written down. But as far as I can see till now, the new episodes are very funny. I also like it when Brent pretends to be Jonathan Frakes and if LeVar identifies the writing as a writing from Brent Spiner. Brent with beard – yeah I said already: It has always a special effect. He looks like Data with beard in this case – two incompatible things. It would be something different if it would be Brent’s own beard. I think the contrast would be smaller. Otherwise the dialog seemed to be funny for me – as far as I understood something. The last sentence of Brent seemed for me very funny, too. I don’t want to translate the sentence here. But I can only say that I don’t want to be LeVar then, too. I hope he had some Cleanix there then. 18+ ;-)

  • dbg11111:

    It was awesome !!!…..I loved it !!!….. Great episode. I really enjoyed. It is funny and very entertaining. Thank you so much. :-)

  • brendan:

    “bullet-headed gas bag”

    …dying laughing.

    best episode yet

  • Melissa:

    great way to kick off the New season of fresh hell!!! Totally funny and Brent and Levar… They are awesome acting together! Brent is still sexy!!! Cant wait for more episodes.

  • Yanski (DevonLair):

    You and LeVar should share screen together more often, Brent. Love that chemistry between you two.

  • Dave:

    First episode I watched, and I think it’s okay. It’s almost exactly what I expected, a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ with a somewhat more crude/juvenile approach. I enjoy self-depreciation as much as the next guy, it’s just too heavy-handed and forced here.

    Levar is great, but you didn’t have to exhaust his entire career for joke mileage.

    Other complaints: you were in profile most of the time, Mr. Spiner – that’s not good blocking. People frequently interrupting is just lazy writing too.

    I believe you can do clever humor that doesn’t depend on Trek references or name-dropping. You’re better than that!

  • Lisa Ault:

    Hey Brent….this is the best one yet! Keep it up!

  • Jose Burgos:

    Absolutely brilliant, partly because I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry! Very touching, human, emotional, tough, and disturbingly down to earth.

  • VeganKitti:

    This is freakin awesome. Anyone who thinks balls aren’t funny or are offensive just hasn’t graduated from the post-childhood school of humor. As kids we think stuff like ball or fart jokes are funny, then we get older and think we are above it. It becomes stupid or offensive. Then we get even older and we KNOW that balls are funny. It’s just the natural development of humans.

    Reading rainbow guy, I love you. Brent Spiner, seriously, your mind is just spectacular, and your talent is great. Can’t wait for the next ep.

  • Farida:

    Funniest episode yet!! Everything about it was funny, the note from Frakes in the childlike handwriting, the newspaper in Brent’s face, the visor story,” I had my hand down my balls”, and I love the fact that Levar had his $ in the trunk. Now this was a “FUNNY” episode, I hate to say it but you need to bring in more star trek actors who can poke fun at themselves. Great job Levar, but lay off the jewelery, you look like a Mac Daddy!

    • Brent Spiner will be making an aprnapaece at New York megastore J&R Music World on Wednesday, August 27th at 12:30pm. He will be signing copies of his CD “Dreamland”.

  • BrentSpinerfan1:

    Guy:I just wanted to let you know how much roots ment to me and my family

    Levar: Its an honor and Pleasure my brother

    Brent: -In low voice- Stay strong my brother

    LOL Im dying from laughter

  • Stephen Payaslian:

    Liked it. Made me chuckle. Good chemistry between good friends.

  • Tabetha:

    Wow. That was 6 minutes of shocked, stuttering, laughter, feeling a little sorry for Spiner (and more so for LeVar) and honestly wondering exactly how bad Sir Patrick Stewart’s balls could possibly smell for it to linger on a prop.
    Either way, this episode was sadly humors.

  • Canopener1256:

    Very funny .. It is always great to poke fun at ourselves. I am glad Levar got into the spirit of things here. Laughed the whole episode .. Unlike the last one which was too wierd. The note from “frakes” was a riot! This needs to be a real series on tv. Just so you can get paid for being the great actor u are,!

  • xucaen:

    Hilarious and shocking. Loved it!

  • purplelizard64:

    Love it! I watched the vid and read the transcript due to my hearing impairment. Boy! I had a laughing fit, could not stop. LeVar and Brent were so hilarious!

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  • Rita:

    Love it! The Trekkies yelling in Klingon was just too much! :)

  • Lal Soong:

    Loved the whole thing, even the ball stuff. Brent and Levar have great chemistry. The part with the Trekkers (Trekkies? I’m never sure which is the correct term) almost killed me.

    Can’t wait to find out exactly why everyone is thankful they aren’t Brent Spiner. Or will we never find out and that’s what will make it that much more awesome? Either way, I will continue to watch if only to find out if Brent finally let’s Dakota give him a beej.

  • Graphicwheeler:

    This series is slowly building up to be better and better. Keep it up.

  • 42carma:

    I love Levar. Seriously. I will check out anything he’s in. I fell in love with him as an actor during Roots, grew to respect him more during Next Gen, and absolutely charmed by him as a host of Reading Rainbow while homeschooling my preemie. Now, that’s only how I feel about Levar as an actor. My love for Brent Spiner is, well, let’s just say I’ve had fantasies. My first encounter was as that hilarious character on Night Court. Then my nerdy third husband was a Trekkie and I got hooked on Next Gen – Data, fully functional, need I say more? Over the years, Brent – you have blown me away with your range as an actor. Completely fascinated and mesmerized me. I adore your body – um, of work! To now find you in this FRESH HELL, it makes me crazy.

    Kudos. Dude. You can do no wrong! Don’t listen to the hecklers and critics and haters. You are untouchable.

    Most unfortunately yours,

    The Saardu Lady
    Fellow Slave to the Muse

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  • Can not wait to see it coming, so happy they released this game, hoping to see soon

  • Matt Waters:

    Hell the writing on this show has just gotten far to funny, “Your Mother has a smooth forehead” lol…… This series has given me a major boost. Mr Spiner and Mr Levar brillant work sirs even the ball humour works. Oh and Mr Spiner your impression of Patrick Stewart on youtube Unbelievable Fantastic, you are a legend…

  • Hi…

    I’m John. I like Pie. American Pie….

  • R.A. Freeman:

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the Holy episode for me. It is more perfect than I deserve. Mr. Spiner and, Mr. Burton’s back and, forth made me feel like I was there. Yeah, the language was candid. It often times is, amongst close friends with tension between them. I think it was great. Mr. Spiner’s little mustache was hilarious. Like anyone would mistake him in that. Especially being so hated of a person. (in the context of the show) : )

  • is the writers strick gonna stop the new season of house from playing or are they still gona play it????.

  • This was awesome, especially after having seen this pair promote Fresh Hell at a convention. My only regret is that the note (signed Frakes) was a ploy, because I’d love to see the real Jonathan Frakes show up. He’s awesome!

  • Otranreg:

    The thought of Patrick Stewart rubbing his balls against Geordi’s visor will entertain me for a long time. Engage! *rub-rub*

  • Daniel:

    Okay, this was brilliant, I laughed real hard when I saw Burton show up in this. And Did Spiner really do that to his visor? Anyway it was great to see them together again.

  • kakeroo:

    “Levar the softy”

    In 1980 I was born into a world of screams and had a traumatic childhood. i couldn’t wait to see reading rainbow everyday. I was drawn to Levars tepid mannerism as they really helped me get through the BS. I fallowed him to TNG when it came out because he was, to me, a friend. later as i grew up more Data became my favorite character on the show because i too had trouble connecting with humanity being i avoid the scumfuckery of people which leaves me less friends. I believe both these people are underrated actors and they shouldn’t be cursed with that t.v. plague of not getting into many movies. they really put a lot into their roles and pulled off a believeable aura of genuine character(s). even if they don’t know it, they really helped save this childhood from utter chaos.

    thank you both

    • kakeroo:

      hey Brent, have you seen these funny TNG edits on youtube?. i think all of the TNG crew might appreciate them.


      i like your show by the way

  • Starcraft39:

    Aw man, I love ball jokes. A balls-handshake to the haters!

  • DatamaniacDamnyouSpiner:

    Heh.. I love you Brent. I always have, Big time TNG fan. This does seem almost real in some instances, I love how you made this self depreciating and just hilarious. Levar did good at taking the brunt of the jokes in this one.. Poor thing, too many testicles for his own good. Take a look, Its in a book, Oh Sir Stewarts Ballsweat.

  • Robert G. Wheatley.:

    A real piss-take and natural comic timing from Brent Spiner and levar Burton.

  • Farida:

    HAHA! Just watched this again with my husband. Still my favourite episode!!

  • What I don’t get is how he could read to kids if he was blind???

  • Toaster66:

    These episodes are great and way too short. This last episode was the best. Keep doing what you love to do and what makes you laugh Brent, and if you like it then we will like it. Not just because you’re Brent Spiner but because you know funny.

  • You very talented person

  • Rebecca:

    Im wondering how many takes it took for you guys to get through that without laughing. Hillarious.

  • Patty McGuire:

    LOVE!!! My only criticism would be that the episodes are too short. I’m left wanting so much more. Truly funny, well written and amazing timing. Thank you for putting this out there!! I love this Brent character. Whatever he did, it can’t be so bad, because the man is adorable.

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  • Laura:

    HAHAHA LeVar is awesome!
    “Get your shit together, Spiner!”


  • swb:

    Hey, I agree – best one yet.

    Also, if you want to do short episodes, I recommend speeding up the credits somehow. The videos are like one third intro/outro – makes them harder to watch.

  • NataChet:

    How the hell did I not find out about this until now?!?! I have never laughed so hard in my life! “Your mother has a smooth forehead!” bahahaha

  • Mario:

    This one’s a personal favourite!

    Now, why are Trek fans getting immediately riled up, every time the show’s mentionned in a sarcastic way? If you’re watching FH as a Trek/Data fan, you’re watching it for all the wrong reasons, for the sole purpose of demonstrating pure infantilism. Given, Trek is a great SF show, but it’s just that, and I enjoy it, occasionally.
    But let’s have some fun with that, and Brent, I hope you can convince sir Patrick, aka Lord Stewart, to drag his knight of the Realm balls on the set of Fresh Hell!

  • Kaiya:

    I love the humour in this episode – it reminds me of Monty Python – utterly disrespectful and ridiculous! In reponse to the above comment – I am a huge Trek/Data fan and I am watching and loving Fresh Hell for purely that reason :)

    I’m now curious about LeVar’s necklace in this ep – I met Brent on Sunday at the London Con and he was wearing the same necklace, which I thought was an interesting necklace even before seeing it on LeVar here – is it a coinscidence?

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