Fresh Hell Series


About the Fresh Hell Series

Brent Spiner, Chris Ellis, and Harry Hannigan had a lovely lunch in Santa Monica one day and chatted about the what they thought might be something excitedly, groundbreakingly funny. Then, after pantsing the maitre d, screaming “the veal is tender today, bitches!” and being asked to leave, they stopped at a coffee shop and came up with “Fresh Hell.” The first five episodes, comprising Season One, have proven enormously popular, garnering almost 10% of the viewership of the more popular kitty-falls-asleep videos.

The cast and crew, all Hollywood professionals, worked for free to do something different, something exciting and new and untried. We have no sponsors, no commercials, no business plan. We just made the best, funniest show we could for the very low budget we had. We offer it now to you for the low, low price of nothing. Please enjoy.